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Cool engagement ring ideas

Binary Encoded Rings: Indecipherable?

Above: Talking about really cryptic message: be certain your loved one understands what you put on a ring, don't leave them guessing... Aptly-named Complexification will inscribe your geeky love message onto a ring at a binary machine code, custom diamond engagement rings in Toronto.

Vintage Wedding Rings with Short Love Poems

A HAPPY BREST WHERE LOVE DOTH REST A LOVING WIFE PROLONGETH LIFE MY CHOICE IS MADE, I AM CONTENT ... Plus a pretty mysterious one "MANY ARE THE STARRS I SEE..." which makes it simpler to understand by studying another hand: YET IN MY EYE NO STARR LIKE THEE".

Connected Sayings

When the quote you love is too long or you have discovered a saying that has two parts, consider placing half of the line in your group and the other half on your spouse. This is a fantastic way to suggest which you make each other whole! Some cute ideas drawn from pop culture: "How sweet it is (ring 1)... to be loved by you (ring 2)" and "Into infinity (ring 1)... and past ring 2)"

Engraved Fingerprints Rings

Above: We have seen many rings of this variety... a clear favorite with hipsters, geek kinds or just couples wanting to bring the ultimate personification into the old tradition. As soon as you claim this ring and imprint it, it is totally yours and yours only.

Romantic language

If You would like something that is intimate and distinctive but like the idea of utilizing an older phrase, think about an engraving in a different language. The most popular choices are, French, Latin and Italian since they are some of the most romantic languages spoken out around the world. Go for something as simple as "My love" in a foreign language or; In French - "Pour tous jours" (For all days) In Latin - "Semper amemus" (Let's always love) In Italian - "Il mio cuore eu768? tuo per sempre" (My heart is yours forever)

Your Titles on the rings

Another Popular and personal fad for ring engravings is getting your titles on each other's rings - but in your own design! Technology has made it a lot easier for jewellers to create customized designs, so engraving your personal handwriting onto a ring is easier than ever before. Of Course, this idea could depend on your partner's writing since a cluttered signature or name can just wind up looking like scrapes, so be sure to practice writing titles out prior to doing this. If this works for youpersonally, signatures can result in beautiful inscriptions.

Engrave Your partner's name

Similar To your partner's signature, why not simply engrave their title? This keeps it short, sweet and simple. Every individual could wear a band with others title on it and in case you have special nicknames for another you can use this instead.

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