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Engagement ring surprise ideas


Pack A romantic picnic and set the ring with the dessert. Following a leisurely meal, request your honey to get the dessert out.

Engagement Omelets.

You Could also conceal the ring box in a carton of eggs. If they go to create breakfast, prepare yourself to fall to a knee.

Silver Screen Moment.

Most Movie theaters have replicating advertising slides prior to the previews that may be bought. Purchase slide and be sure to get to the theatre early enough.


Scavenger Hunts are always an entertaining marriage proposal idea. Start off with an easy clue to someplace nearby, then get more complicated as the scavenger hunt progresses. Have the last place be a place where you can hide, and then pop out and get down to one knee.

Matryoshka Dolls.

Another Holiday marriage proposal idea would be to wrap the ring box within several larger boxes, like Russian nesting dolls, which means that your love will presume the gift is very big. Get down on one knee right as the previous box is started.

In Flowers

The Last thing she'd expect to find in the flowers you give her is that a diamond ring! Pop the question by surprising her with flowers and asking her to have a better look at the bouquet. This is a really sweet, simple way to conceal the ring and suggest with a gorgeous arrangement of her favourite flowers.

In a locket

You Can hide an engagement ring at a locket which it is possible to gift to her as a present. A locket is meaningful and may have a message (like the one above) or a sentimental picture. When you ask her to open the locket, she will come across a well-hidden surprise ring that'll set your proposal up perfectly.

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